About the Journal

Hospital administration is the field relating to leadership, management and administration of health care systems, hospitals, and hospital networks. It is a process where healthcare providers effectively and efficiently administer everything from patient registration to appointment scheduling, document management, consultation management, lab management, drug safety, report generation, staff management, outpatient management, and so much more. Hospital administration is also a science that concerns everyone and provides everyone with the most efficient health services, i.e., medical practices. Currently, Medical practices become more complex and challenging over time. And managing a medical practice requires a wide range of skills and experience to solve complex financial, legal, and staffing issues that may even affect every practitioner in the healthcare industry. The scenario of medical practice management throughout the globe, especially, requires more effort and demands urgent attention from the broad masses of people and relevant authorities. Therefore, the journal, Hospital Administration and Medical Practices (HAMP), provides a platform for exchanging research results, comments, as well as experiences and skills in this field.

The scope of the journal includes but are not limited to: Hospital administration; Hospital networks; Medical practices; Public health system; Healthcare communication; Healthcare quality and patient safety; Hospital logistics; Hospital design and construction; Hospital economics; Clinical ethics; Healthcare Facilities management; Health informatics; Healthcare economics; Healthcare research; Medical case management; Healthcare delivery systems; Hospital medicine; Health insurance; Health policy; Big data in healthcare; Electronic medical records; Patients data management; Nursing and health science; Community health nursing; Personal health record; Family medicine; Hospital culture building; Hospital accreditation and ranking; Clinical department management. Submission of articles are not limited to these topics. Articles from relevant and related disciplines will also be considered for publication in this journal. Various types of articles are welcome, including: Editorial, Original Article, Reviews, Case Study, Letters to Editor, etc.